Camilo Oviedo

Hey, I'm Camilo

6 years of experience. Systems Engineer and Business Administrator software design & development, project management and strategic growth in the banking and IT services and consulting industry.

Work Experience

  1. Specialized Engineer

    Central Bank of Colombia

    Pioneered dynamic software initiatives, modernizing legacy systems to strengthen Colombia's financial ecosystem. Led a team of 15 engineers, achieving a 25% reduction in system downtime and a 40% increase in transaction processing speed. Implemented Java, JavaScript, and TypeScript static code analysis tools, resulting in a 30% improvement in code quality. Contributed to reducing project delivery time by 15% while ensuring adherence to budgets, enhancing economic stability and preserving currency integrity.
  2. Implementation Consultant

    Sophos Solutions S.A.S

    Orchestrated transformative software endeavors, architecting solutions that propelled client enterprises to new heights of efficiency and competitiveness. Led a team of 5 engineers, resulting in a 20% increase in client retention and a 15% decrease in support ticket resolution time. Implemented automated testing methodologies, reducing software bugs by 20% and enhancing overall system reliability.


Screenshot of Project 1
Project 1

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Screenshot of Project 2
Project 2

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About me

My name is Camilo, I'm from Bogot√°, Colombia. a passionate individual with a diverse background in business administration and systems engineering. With 6 years of experience, I've honed my skills in software design and development, contributing to the future of the financial system in Colombia.

My journey in the tech realm has been shaped by a relentless curiosity and a genuine enthusiasm for tackling complex challenges. From my early days as a Systems Engineering student to my current role, I've been driven by a desire to leverage technology to create meaningful solutions that enhance efficiency, drive growth, and empower businesses to thrive in today's digital landscape.

Outside of my professional pursuits, you'll often find me engrossed in discussions about the latest developments in fintech, exploring the evolving role of artificial intelligence in financial markets, or delving into the nuances of behavioral economics and its implications for financial decision-making

I'm genuinely excited about the transformative potential of technology to drive positive change in the world of finance, and I'm committed to leveraging my skills and expertise to contribute to the continued evolution and innovation of financial services. Let's connect and embark on a journey to unlock new possibilities and opportunities at the nexus of technology and finance.

Camilo Oviedo